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Leveraging the power of the data you already own is key for success in today's market. Information is typically one of the most valuable asset of many businesses - including, in all likelihood, yours. Considerable time, energy, and resources have been expended gathering your vault of information. Now is the time to put that data to work on your behalf. With data Chameleon, the silos of data you've amassed can not only communicate with one another - they can communicate with you, your employees, business partners, and clients taking your business to the next level.

From concept to completion, our goal is to help you assess where you currently are - and get you where you want to be by seamlessly integrating the latest technologies and appropriate tools for your needs.

We offer a variety of development services ranging from consultation and initial planning, to application implementation and training of your staff.


data Chameleon works directly with you and your team to develop the best solution for your business goals, project requirements, budgets, and schedules - all while fitting in fluently with your company's existing information technology. We pride ourselves on offering our development services through a clear, well-documented four-step process:


First, we get to know you and discuss what you want to accomplish. We listen as you tell us who you are and what is important. We identify the concepts you want to include as well as any existing information or legacy data that can be incorporated into the process.


From there, we create the architecture of your solution and develop an application flow chart, along with detailed cost and schedule estimates. We discuss options for functionality, make software and hardware recommendations, and suggest hosting and maintenance solutions.


Based on the consultation and design steps, we build a trial version of your application. This generally includes involving your team in one or two rounds of intensive testing of all components. Only after all requirements are met and proper operation is confirmed, are we ready to implement.


During the launch of your application, we provide your team with the written documentation and any training necessary to maintain, update, and administer the system. We take great care to ensure that the first critical weeks after implementation go effortlessly.

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